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My name is Phyllis Bosak and I am fortunate to have been at Needville Elementary School since 1995.  It seems just like yesterday!  The years have gone by quickly!  All three of my daughters were Lil' Jays and graduates of Needville High School.  All three have graduated from college and are in the workforce.  Two are educators and the other is a nurse.  So, as you can see, education plays an important role in my family.  Also, in February, my first grandson, Jaxon was born.  What an amazing new chapter of life this is!

I am a graduate of the University of Texas and have a master's degree in elementary education.  "Life-long learner" is probably the best way to describe me.  I am constantly in search of new and better ways to improve my teaching practices.

I think teaching is one of the greatest jobs anyone could have!  I love watching my boas make new discoveries.  I enjoy their hugs and high fives.  The children are truly treasures and pleasures!


Best regards!


Phyllis Bosak